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Hello gorgeous people! How were your weeks? I spent mine learning a new computer program, cooking, trying out burlesque dancing and cleaning all the things.

Sarah Helpola has written on why having a bucket list may not necessarily be the best thing.

After all the indulgences over the festive period, I think I’ll be cooking up a big batch of Amy’s emergency soup┬áthis week!

The Dame has compiled a list of awesome and inspirational women bloggers you should totally check out.

Still haven’t made any resolutions yet? Nubby Twiglet wrote a great post on dreaming big, setting goals and doing what you love. OK, so it was written for 2012, but is still relevant to 2013!

I am loving the London Grumblr! So, so true.

How about you? What have you found interesting on the interwebz this week?

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